--> Simon Haenni
--> Léo Wadimoff

--> Exhibition View

i disapprove gymnastic, hot chocolate, cookies and cinnamon
those things hypnotize our young bodies
i’ll be at your side
i’ll try to back you up
meanwhile in retribution i’ll ask for everything but hot chocolate, cinnamon and cookies
smash it
i’m sick of our manoeuvre. 


another year passed by
it's not about getting old or whatever 

brrrate, to be honest we got the key of something we didn't choose and might have no other option than accepting it and maintaining it, because it's a part of us now, and anyone's the maker as much as the client, 
more or less, they say 
at your side, one says 

sad, cause if the faded sensation of buying and designing is not the one i rely on, what to do? 
sad, also because so far many of us didn't find the power they would have needed to build another strong structure, or just to destroy those we're supposed to take as evident. 

nbrraps through the car's window, ikeas and other huge metal blocks filled with strange desires passing by. 
and behind, far, unfolds the forest, where plants live, and all animal species that don't speak human languages–they dont sense us, we don't sense them.