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"When humans make beautiful things they turn gold this pitiful universe when humans make pitiful things they tarnish this beautiful universe

In the Wake of War, we want to craft out the options
As we are bound, we want to name the ties that bind
Can we craft Hope
Will we fall or
will we turn"


name: LOREN
element: water
my famous: lemon cake
favorite color: night blue; lilac; grey
favorite fictional character: scarface; helga pataki
current obsession: clowns
a word for the haters: hello!


name: GAIA
element: earth
my famous: sevice
favorite color: grey
favorite fictional character: mafalda
current obsession: /egl & free stock images
a word for the haters: climb ur own hill


name: GIULIA
element: wind
my famous: chocolate mousse
favorite color: copper
favorite fictional character: nausicaa; severus snape
current obsession: the archives of Marina Cvetaeva
a word for the haters: wake up ;)


element: fire
my famous: couscous
favorite color: lasurite blue
favorite fictional character: cartman
current obsession: artisanal skills
a word for the haters: they hate us cos they anus


LGG$B are Loren Kagny, Gaia Vincensini, Giulia Essyad & Sabrina Röthlisberger. They started working together a year ago, occupying flats to host self-produced exhibitions. During the summer of 2014, they were invited to do a residency at MJ Gallery, Geneva. Since then, they've been working side by side between Lausanne and Geneva. Friendship is at the core of their collaboration.